Developing your strategy

In the first chapter, we covered why film in general is such a powerful impact medium – because it breeds empathy, because culture change leads other change, and because films can bring a new energy to an issue.

Now we need to make a start on how your specific project is going to capitalise on those properties to deliver real practical impact on the issue you're facing. We'll do it using what we call the Strategic Plan worksheet: effectively a roadmap-builder to take you from your film to the Impact Vision you defined.


Now is a good time to download your own Strategic Plan worksheet.

The worksheet is designed to help you reflect on whether your work is contributing towards the impact you want to make, and if there are other things you need to consider. We've created it on the basis of conversations with people who've had to learn the hard way, and by looking out at what other people trying to make impact in the world use.

Your Strategic Plan, as the encapsulation of your strategy, will change and evolve throughout the process - but you need to start somewhere. We'll walk you through the process of developing your first working draft:

  • Map the Issue
  • Introducing the Four Impact Dynamics
  • Drafting your Impact Plan: a how to guide

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