The four impact dynamics

Now let's look at the kinds of change that film can drive: what we call IMPACT DYNAMICS.

These are based on extensive analysis of the films we've worked with, but also by working with a variety of NGOs and activists to understand the different kinds of change efforts they work with.

Here are the four Impact Dynamics, with links to example Impact Plans to help you.

Changing minds:

Mass awareness and understanding – creating a shift in public attitudes. What attitudes and beliefs are you trying to create or change?

The Act of Killing was primarily a changing minds impact project: driving a radical reappraisal of the Indonesian nation's attitudes and beliefs regarding the genocide of 1965-66.

Changing behaviours:

Actively mobilising people to do different not just think different, whether that's to buy or boycott, donate or volunteer. What specific actions could you promote?

The Age of Stupid and the 10:10 campaign sought to change behaviours, seeking to trigger a mass public movement of small environmental actions in everyday life.

Building communities

Grassroots organising – providing the focal point around which people come together. What communities could you serve or support?

Bag It focused primarily on building communities, positioning the film as a key tool around which individuals and organisations across America could campaign for voluntary or legislative plastic bag bans

Changing structures:

Top down change – whether in politics or business, directly influencing law and policy to change the context. What laws or policies embed the problem you are trying to solve?

The End of the Line became primarily a changing structures film, focusing on influencing corporate leaders to make changes, and create a new context for their customers.

It's important to note that you won't just use one dynamic. As you can see from the sample Strategic Plans, every project we know has used at least two.

So you should consider all these dynamics as you plan your impact. But you should also think about what your primary dynamic might be – there is likely to be one that stands out, and that the others support.

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