Why vision & strategy matter

'Vision without action is only dreaming, action without vision is only passing time, vision with action can change the world'

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa

In taking on any great challenge, defining the vision is the critical first step. It's always there to remind you why you started this crazy project in the first place.

But vision alone is not enough. You need a damn good strategy to guide your action too. Otherwise the dream will remain just that: a dream.

The Planning chapter will guide you through defining your vision and strategy, mapping an issue, identifying the type(s) of change you want to pursue, and drafting your plan with the help of our Strategic Plan worksheet.

First, we need to be very clear on the difference between these two closely related concepts:

{% trans "Vision is an expression of the future you're heading for. It's the ultimate destination. You'll come back to the Vision for inspiration and guidance, because it doesn't change. Strategy is the plan of action that guides the journey. It will inevitably shift and change as you go. You'll come back to the strategy again and again to tinker, evolve and perhaps even overhaul it as learning becomes clear and new challenges emerge." %}

To get the most out of this section, we suggest you explore the following four case studies from the Library.

We'd like you to understand how:

Bag It
inspired the plastic-free movement across America, community by community.

The Act of Killing
made the Indonesian genocide of the 1960s impossible to ignore.

The End of the Line
put the decline of fish stocks on the global agenda for business, politics and the man on the street.

The Age of Stupid
triggered mass environmental behaviour change in the UK and beyond.

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